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Frequently Asked Questions



Will my selected product fit my requirements?


Here at JB Pharmatron we aim to give expert advice on all accessories mentioned on our website. If you are unsure about a particular product then please don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone or email. One of our dedicated sales team will always be happy to help with your requirements.

How do I order?


Firstly register an account with us. This will allow you to enter your details securely and enable them to be kept safe for the next time you visit JB Pharmatron. Once you are all set up you can just navigate through our accessories pages, find your product requirements and add to your order. Any order is subject to a minimum order value of £50.00/€50.00.


If not you can always call us via telephone or send us a email/fax with your requirements.

How can I amend or cancel my order?


Once your order has been placed we will contact you directly with an order confirmation, any changes you wish to request can be made at this stage. We ask that if you wish to amend you order to contact us within 48hrs of receiving your order confirmation.


What security features are there to protect my account information?

From opening a new account to receiving your products our site is fully secured. We have an SSL (Security Sockets Layer) encryption which supports all information between your browser and our server to be encrypted. This prevents anyone intercepting the data from being able to read it.


Remember if you are unsure about online purchasing you can always contact us via email and telephone where we will be happy to help with your requirements.


How do I know if the accessories are USP compliant?


All our accessories are USP compliant from dissolution accessories on request each product order can be sent with a certificate of USP compliance.



What are the delivery charges?


Delivery charges are £10.00 for UK Customers and €10.00 for Irish customers.

Can I change my delivery address?


Of course, when we contact you with an order confirmation your invoice and delivery addresses with us at this stage.

What is the lead time for my delivery?


All orders placed and confirmed will be sent an order confirmation to confirm the expected delivery time. This is dependent on availability and type of product purchased.


To view our delivery policy please see the PDF below:





How do I pay?


Currently all payments run through your specified company account. This means when you purchase your products you are required to state your purchase order reference number. After confirmation of the order we can then update you with the shipment information of your order. Once your products have been shipped for delivery you will then be invoiced for your order.


What are the payment terms?

Payment terms for existing customers will always be 30 days from delivery for all accessories. If you are a new customer we ask that you pay 30% on your first order and the rest on delivery of your accessories.

If you have any concerns with payments or favour alternate payments, please give us a call and let us know your suggestions. 




To view our returns policy please download the PDF below:



For any further questions please downlaod our terms and conditions via the link below: