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New - Capsule Polisher


The new Krämer capsule polisher will elevate, polish and dedust any size of capsule. The rotational spiral brush designed specifically for capsule applications polishes gently and removes excess dust. The perforated housing allows ideal removal of the dust. The device outlet can be fitted with peripherals such as metal detectors, empty capule sorters and diverters.

Models Available:


  • 100kN pre and main compression
  • Maximum output of 338,400 tablets per hour
  • Exchangeable turret capability (47/44/35/29 punch stations)
  • Tool-less design
  • Clean Compression Zone, Smooth Surfaces
  • Minimal, Quick Disconnect Components (13)
  • Fast Change Parts Kit
  • Higher Operating Efficiency
  • Compression dwell bar
  • Through-the-Wall technology
  • Lowest noise level < 75 dB(A)
  • Wash-in-Place and High-Containment Execution Available


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